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Creating sleek and sexy arms is not very hard at all and you can see results in a matter of weeks by doing a few simple exercises and adding in an exercise video or two. It’s as easy as grabbing a set of hand weights or maybe an exercise band and before you know it, you are feeling fabulous in tank tops again. Or if you don’t like working out with weights, by simply doing push-ups you are working all the major muscles in the upper body as well as getting a bit of ab work at the same time!

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For great looking arms, there are three muscles you need to train – your biceps, triceps and deltoids (your shoulders). It’s important to remember that some of your muscles are stronger than others, for example your biceps are stronger than your triceps – this is normal – so you may want to use different size weights for the different muscle groups. But never sacrifice form for intensity – listen to what your body is saying! And if you’re body is saying, “that is too much”, it probably is.

Bicep Exercises:

To tone your biceps, which is the front of the arm, start with bicep curls. To complete a arm curl correctly start with your elbows under your shoulders and your arms straight – now without moving your elbows or upper arms, bend the arm and lift the weight towards your shoulder and then straighten it.

Triceps Dips:

To add shape to the back of the upper arm, find exercises that train your triceps. To do triceps dips, grab a kitchen chair and have a seat. With your palms down and your knuckles facing your feet lower your body and bend your arms and them straighten – ya! That’s your triceps talking!


The muscles in yours shoulders are called the deltoids and having well toned deltoids can really make an arm look amazing. Holding your weights at your side, standing with your feet hip width apart, lift your arms straight to the side as high as your shoulders.

We only listed a few of the many options there are to sculpt your arms and shoulders, you may consider getting a few workout videos to show you a few more exercises to add to your routine. By working your muscles differently throughout the week, you will get faster, more effective results and you will prevent exercise burn-out.

With just ten minutes a day, you can create sleeker and more toned arms and wear tank tops with confidence! And if you are feeling ambitious, dust off your exercise videos and learn a few new techniques to add to your workout routine. It simply takes a little bit of effort over the course of a few weeks, and before you know it your arms and shoulders are ready for short sleeve shirts.

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